Custom Foot Inserts

What are Custom Foot Orthotics?
Foot orthotics are high-quality inserts that are placed in your shoes to support the foot and body. Shoes come with an insert that is very thin and unsupportive; even if it has a foam layer meant for comfort and not support. Custom orthotics would replace the inserts that come with your shoes.  The purpose of custom orthotics is to support your feet and body from the ground up. First, we make a cast of your foot while in a weight-bearing position.   It shows the stress your feet are subjected to when you are standing, walking, or running. Then we send the cast to the factory to be specially made.
Benefits of Custom Foot Orthotics?
  • General Arch Support
  • Support Flat feet
  • Cushion Heel issues
  • Correct Pronation (when your foot rolls in) 
  • Correct Supination (when your foot rolls out)
Why do these matter?  Look at the image.  When there is an alignment issue with your foot it does not stop there.  It can cause other imbalances from foot to head. The goal of the orthotic is to fix the issue your foot is experiencing and create a balanced foundation for the rest of your body.  You wouldn’t build a house on an uneven foundation.  The same principles apply to your body.  Making foot orthotics great for those suffer from plantar fasciitis, general foot pain, shin splints, knee pain, osteoarthritis, hip and low back pain
Who is a Good Candidate for Foot Orthotics?
Athletes: Runners, hikers, and sports enthusiasts notice a significant improvement in the performance of their activities. This includes high school athletes.  Why because of that great foundation allows the body to perform at its peak.
On your feet jobs: Doctors, nurses, construction, retail anyone who clocks in the steps for work will be less tired and feel the strain on their body less.  Ask Dr. Lee he has orthotics in his shoes right now!!!!! So do most of the staff.
Anyone: Even walking the dog becomes a lot more pleasant.
Are Custom Foot Orthotics a Good Choice For Me?
Do you use your feet daily?  Then yes they would be a great choice for you.  Seriously most people can benefit from custom orthotics but we want to be sure there is not something else going on or that you will just put them in a closet.  Ask one of our providers what the benefits for you may be. From increased sports performance, feeling less tired, decreased body aches and pain, prevent future issues such as degenerative joint disease.
Are Custom Foot Orthotics covered by Insurance? Can I use HSA, HRA, or flex plans to pay for custom foot orthotics?
Yes. Yes. and Yes. Most insurance companies provide coverage for orthotics/ durable medical equipment. Copays, deductibles, & co-insurance would apply.  The great news is that at this time of the year, many of you have already met the deductible. If not then do you have a flex plan that needs to be spent by the end of the year?  Orthotics purchases can be paid for with HSA, HRA, and flex plans. If you do not have coverage or have not met the deductible our custom foot orthotics are affordable