Hydrotherapy in Bel Air, MD

AquaJet Hydro Massage Hydrotherapy Table

AquaJet hydro massage hydrotherapy tables use heat, water and massage to provide and promote physical and mental wellness.

Hydrotherapy in Bel Air

  • Heat: will increase circulation, relaxes strained muscles, soothes the affected area
  • Water (floatation): relaxes the body and calms the mind, prepping the patient for the hydro massage and other therapies to follow
  • Massage: Hydro massage is a massage utilizing swirling jets of water. The water penetrates deep into muscle tissues similar to a deep tissue massage. Tension is released which allows body to relax.

This wonderful therapy relaxes not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. (The body is very funny — it cannot stay relaxed without the mental component.) After hydro massage therapy, a patient’s spine is easier for Dr. Lee to adjust, and keeps the effects of adjustment longer after using the hydro massage tables. Physical therapy exercises are also more successful after using hydro massage.

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