Pain Treatment in Bel Air, MD

I am experiencing pain…

Many people suffer from pain every day either from a new condition or an old injury. The myth is that there is nothing any one can do. We have solutions! Often times, we can specialize treatment to focus on the cause of the pain. We invite you to live a healthy, pain free life!

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Goals of a Chiropractic Treatment Plan

Our Doctors will design a treatment plan with 4 main goals

  1. Initially we will focus on getting the pain, numbness tingling under control. Pain is the main reason our patients call so it’s the first focus of care
  2. Next our Doctors will focus on healing the cause of the pain. Our doctors will locate the root cause of the injury.  Once the pain is under control, then the main focus is on healing the area so the symptoms do not reoccur.
  3. The next focus is on stability. Stabilizing and strengthening proper muscle groups will ensure that injuries do not reoccur.
  4. Prevention is worth a pound of cure. We will want to schedule wellness checks to make sure your problem never comes back.  Just like a dentist has you come in twice a year.