Meet Dr. Lee, Harford County’s Favorite Chiropractor

Dr Lee Chiropractor, Bel Air MD

Dr. Shawn R. Lee, D.C.

Born in Atlanta and raised in Texas, Dr. Lee met his wife Wendy, a life-long Bel Air-ian, while an undergrad at Brigham Young University.

Dr. Lee first became interested in becoming a chiropractor through his mom, a long time chiropractic patient. However, it wasn’t until he married Wendy that he gave it any serious thought. While cheerleading at Bel Air High School, Wendy had fallen, injuring her back.  The pain from that fall stuck with her for years. Only chiropractic care was able to make her better.

“We live what we believe, and we believe in a pain-free healthy life-style for everyone!”

After a brief tenure as a biomedical researcher at the famed Southwest Foundation in San Antonio, TX, Dr. Lee spent four years at Texas Chiropractic College as his first step toward becoming a licensed chiropractor.  He graduated cum laude, and was able to complete medical pain management, surgical and advanced imaging rotations at Vista Medical Center. He also interned at Moody Health Center, a multidisciplinary clinic emphasizing cooperation in health care.

Before Dr. Lee’s daughters were born, he considered himself a “man’s man,” enjoying football, hunting, fishing, skiing, and rock-n-roll. Nowadays, his time is spent playing babydolls, dress-up, and watching Dora the Explorer; like they say, “thank heaven for little girls.”

Chiropractic Couple of the Year Award

Dr. Shawn Lee and his wife, Wendy – who now serves as the office manager for Susquehanna Spine & Rehab – received the Chiropractic Couple of the Year Award for 2007. This prestigious award represents their dedication to chiropractic, health, and wellness. Of hundreds of other couples, Dr. Lee and his wife stood out amongst the bunch. Dr. Lee says, “We live what we believe, and we believe in a pain-free healthy life-style for everyone!”