Diet is a four letter word

Diet is a four-letter word.  No one really WANTS to do a diet.  But sometimes diets and exercise are not as successful as we would like.  Most of us, no matter how good of shape we’re in, have a stubborn little area we’d rather not. It’s not your fault, well it is, but it isn’t.

In theory, weight loss is easy. To lose fat and weight, we need to be in a calorie deficit and essentially burn more than we eat/drink. We can control that, but what we can’t control really is what fat and from where it gets burned.

It’d sure be nice though if there was a way to make the body use up some butt and gut. Well, there is. It’s the Invisa Red laser system.

As we all learned from Dr. Evil, a laser is a sophisticated heating device. With all due respect to the Austin Powers universe, a laser is actually a light-emitting device. Light travels in waves, waves are energy. These laser wavelengths supercharge the metabolism and stimulate the fat cells to open and release intra-cellular fat.  Fat cells have a better memory than an elephant so you get betters results if you are also watching what you eat and exercising.

Our Invisa Red laser is ready to go. It’s an all-inclusive protocol with proven results. As you all know we use the products we offer and some of our staff are currently in the weight loss program.  Results and details are coming soon.  Appointments are now available.