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Everybody is unique; therefore, everyone requires a unique and customized wellness plan. The foundation of a good overall wellness lifestyle is: maintaining a healthy posture and good spinal alignment, eating a healthy diet, taking supplements, keeping your weight under control, and stress relief.

We offer a variety of products and services which are organized to benefit you according to your lifestyle. All vitamins are not created equal. Dr. Lee has researched every product we carry in our office before it hits our shelves to make sure it suitable for his patients. If you look in his kitchen cabinet at home, you will find that his family uses all the same products as in the office! If you are interested in any of the following products, stop by our office or call 443-512-0025.

Daily Vitamins

Whether you are looking to address a specific health concern or you are looking for a daily nutrition regimen – we can help.  If you have questions, we can set up a nutritional consultation where our professionals will address your needs and help you choose a vitamin plan that is customized for your needs.

Listed below are some of the supplements we carry in-stock at our office:

  • Core Five – Everyone is in need of supplementing their diet. These are literally the “core five” vitamins that everyone should be taking.
  • Women’s Health – Women’s bodies require an extra boost at certain stages such as prenatal, postnatal, hormone support, bone health, etc.
  • Children’s Health – Children need supplements too! Our products are dye-free and low in sugars. We have chewable Multivitamins, Vitamin D, and Omegas for their developing brains.
  • Bone Health
  • Joint Health
  • Brain Health
  • Heart Health
  • Digestion
  • Immunity Boost
  • Inflammation
  • Anti-Aging
  • All-Natural Sleep Aid

We carry a number of product lines and will choose the best product to suit your needs.  (Novolife, Anabolic Labs, Pure, Nordic Naturals, Standard Process)

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Orthotics & Braces

Sometimes the body just needs a little extra support. We offer a number of orthotics and braces to help alleviate pain or support the body in order to prevent pain.

Foot Orthotics

Your feet are not only your foundation, but they also act as shock absorbers. Foot orthotics can be a valuable aid in preventing and decreasing foot and ankle pain which also supporting your entire body.

The average person takes over 1700 steps every day, every year. Up to 80% of us have foot problems, even WITHOUT foot pain or symptoms.

If you answer “yes” to any of the following, you could be experiencing foot problems:

  • Do your shoes wear unevenly or wear out faster than they should?
  • Are you “hard on shoes?”
  • Do your shoes have holes in them?
  • Do you have foot, ankle, leg, knee, hip, or back pain?
  • Do you have neck, shoulder, or neck pain?

Neck & Back Braces

We carry a wide variety of neck and back braces in stock. These braces provide a compression field that relieves pain and discomfort and provides better posture. These braces provide relief to our patients in lots of pain. With the help of a brace, therapy becomes more manageable for our patients in pain. As we said before, sometimes the body just needs a little extra support!

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Pain Relief

We have multiple options for topical pain relief and inflammation support.

  • BioFreeze is a favorite! BioFreeze pain-relieving gel provides cold therapy pain relief. BioFreeze contains menthol which acts to stimulate specific sensory receptors in the skin, thereby blocking pain signals to the brain. BioFreeze products provide temporary relief from minor aches and pains of sore muscles and joints. It works great for backaches, arthritis, bruises, strains, and sprains. In some cases, our BioFreeze products may even be used by our professionals during exercises or therapy.
  • 1 TDC – this comes as both a topical cream and daily dietary support. The main goal is to cushion and improve joint function and reduce inflammation.
  • CBD Cream  – a topical cream- or ointment-based pain relief medication that combines FDA-approved active ingredients and cannabidiol to provide fast, high-level relief.

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Weight Loss

We are familiar with the concerns that our patients face in the effort to address weight loss. We have done our research and located a nutritional cleanse and weight loss system that is superior to any similar program. Contrary to what many people think, our bodies are actually designed to NOT LOSE weight but to STORE fat.

Our system trains the body to burn fat in order to lose weight. This cleanse is designed to clean out the fat stores, reset the metabolism, jumpstart weight loss, and set the stage for long-term weight loss success.

Ask any of our staff for more information. We have all used this product! Click here to read about Wendy’s results

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