Arthritis & Joint Pain Relief in Bel Air, MD

Do you have Arthritis or Joint Pain?

Joint pain can be caused by illnesses, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and Bursitis. However, joint pain can also result from injury. No matter what the cause, joint pain can prohibit you from doing the activities you love. Hundreds of people have found relief from joint inflammation and joint pain relief after receiving chiropractic adjustments from Dr. Lee.

There are somewhere between 200 and 300+ joints in the human body, and Dr. Lee knows how to help ease the pain in all of them, not just the spine.

Treatment for Arthritis & Joint Pain

Chiropractic care will

  • Properly align the 200 +joints in the body
  • Increase circulation within the joint
  • Relax the surrounding muscles into their proper place.

Effects of the chiropractic adjustments

  • Reduces pain in the  joint
  • Provides freedom of movement
  • Return to normal joint range of motion
  • Minimizes stiffness in the joint
  • Restore normal neurological activity in the joint
  • Promote  healing

Proper alignment leads to restored function of the joint and results in relief from joint pain, a decrease in other symptoms and increased freedom of movement. Dr. Lee and his staff  can help you begin your healing journey to be free from joint pain.

Does it hurt ? Is it safe ?  

  • Chiropractic techniques for joint pain relief are natural and effective.
  • Our staff listens to what the patient can tolerate
  • Our staff uses targeted gentle pressure to properly align joints



I have been having severe pain since Thanksgiving 2014. I have had several meetings with an orthopaedic doctor whose speciality was arthritis and joint replacement. I’ve had a full battery of x-rays/MRI done to diagnose my condition to which I was told to be severe arthritis deeply inflamed with fluids pushing on the nerves. After I was prescribed an injection that I was told would take care of everything, the pain was back with-in 36 hours worse than before. This pain gradually worsened day by day. I was advised that a full hip replacement was the only way I would get fully better. Doctor Lee reviewed my x-rays and MRI and set up a treatment plan with me. After the 1st visit my pain has decreased for the first time since Thanksgiving. I can already feel a big difference.
E.M., age 68