Meet Our Staff

Wendy Lee – Office Manager

Wendy is Dr. Lee’s wife and our office manager. Wendy is a strong believer in chiropractic care because of an injury she received while cheerleading in high school. The only way she was able to begin living her life pain-free was through chiropractic care. Wendy loves chiropractic so much she is also a coach with Breakthrough Coaching; teaching offices across the country to treat patients with efficiency and stellar customer service.

Fun Fact: Wendy loves shoes.  And that’s putting it lightly.





Eric Smith, LAC – Acupuncture

Eric has been in Asian culture since he was young and started with Tae Kwon Do lessons at eight. He continued his Asian studies at the University of Maryland College Park earning two separate Bachelor’s degrees: Art History and Art Studio; both focused on Asian history. He started his study in the healthcare field by learning Western herbal medicine, Chinese Tonic Herbs, and Native American herbal methods. He deepened his herbal studies with Traditional Chinese Medicine and then learned Eight Principle Theory TCM. He graduated from The Traditional Acupuncture Institute earning a Masters of Acupuncture.  He also uses  Five Element style Acupuncture and scalp acupuncture.

Fun Fact:  Eric likes to paint in his free time 😊 




Lisa Gilliland, LMT – Massage

Lisa was born and raised in Baltimore County. Lisa first started out in child care wanting to become a teacher as she really enjoyed helping children, but it became hard with an active-duty husband and 4 boys.  Realizing she still wanted to help people, she got into Massage Therapy.  Lisa is certified in Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, and hot stone.

Fun Fact:  Outside of SS&R, Lisa is very busy with a full house of boys (4 children, 1 husband) and a cat.  You can also find her either on the soccer or baseball field cheering on her troops!





Dr. Sydney Martin – Chiropractor

Dr. Martin graduated from Northeast College of Health Sciences (Previously New York Chiropractic College). She was born and raised on a small Native American reservation south of Buffalo New York, where she was inspired to seek out natural forms of healing the body. She majored in nutrition in undergrad. Dr. Marin uses many adjusting techniques to get the best results (Diversified adjusting, Flexion/Distraction technique, ConnecTX, Activator method, and Webster technique). She is well versed in treating many different conditions and demographics including pregnant women, children, and athletes looking to better their performance.

Fun Fact:  





Angelina – Chiropractic Assistant

Angelina is Dr. Lee & Wendy’s oldest daughter.  She calls herself a true chiropractic kid.  She even used to greet patients when she came to the office as a young, little girl!  Lina has recently received her Associates Degree in from Harford Community College and will be attending Stevenson University in the fall to further her education.

Fun Fact: She is  a self-proclaimed animal whisperer.  Animals yell back at her.






Elisiana – Chiropractic Assistant

Elisiana is our littlest employee, but she has the biggest heart.  She has a cat named Kittens and a little sister who she loves immensely.  She is our head Chiropractic assistant and has been with Susquehanna Spine & Rehab since July 2022.  Her mother is a nurse, which sparked her interest in the medical field.

Fun Fact:  Elisiana has a very wide and obscure taste in music (as long as it’s not country!).







Ginny – Chiropractic Assistant

Ginny’s first chiropractic experience is what made her want to pursue a career in this field.  After being involved in an automobile accident, she needed to be seen by a chiropractic team and says she received such kindness and next level care, that she immediately knew she wanted to be a part of it, giving the same to her future patients!

Fun Fact:  Ginny firmly believes that elephants are the most elegant and intelligent creatures on the planet.  We think she is.






Serena – Chiropractic Assistant

Serena started with SS&R in November, 2022.  On top of being one of our newest CA’s, she is also studying medical assistance and plans to further her education focusing in Sports Medicine, which makes her exactly where the universe wants her to be here with us!

Fun Fact:  Serena is a huge cat lover and she shares a birthday with George Washington.  There are, however, no references to any pet cats reported at Mount Vernon in the 18th century.






Dakota or “Big Kota” – Insurance Specialist & Front Desk

Dakota has been a medical receptionist since 2018 and has been with us since June 2022.  She was interested in working in chiropractic care, particularly with Susquehanna Spine & Rehab, because of the holistic approach to medicine.  She has two cats, Biggie & Arlo, and drives a Mini Cooper named Alice.

Fun Fact:  She excels in useless knowledge and can answer just about any pop culture question.  Can’t remember a song or movie title?  Big Kota’s got you!






Nicole – Front Desk Receptionist 

Nicole can attest first hand that chiropractic care helps in so many effective aspects.  Learning of her Scoliosis at the age of 10, she has since received years of this holistic approach to relief.  While she holds down the fort at our front desk, Nicole is very interested in learning much more about this field.  We are more than fortunate that she chose to land in Bel Air, MD after leaving the Garden State one year ago.

Fun Fact:  Oh, where to begin!  Nicole fluently speaks Polish, listens to heavy metal, she is a tattoo enthusiast, loves everything about cars from fixing to chopping to racing and on her softer side, she plays guitar, enjoys cooking and loves her two cats, Luna & Angel!  Boring, right?!