Weight Loss Solutions

Research has shown that the most effective way to make any change is with support and accountability. Our Doctors have years of experience and expert knowledge in human nutrition and biochemistry and are able to tailor your experience to your needs and provide you with expert support and accountability.

Interesting fact: your body is actually designed to gain weight, not lose it.


Wendy’s Story Part 1

Wendy is Dr. Lee’s Wife 

I have always been small.  However, when we first got married my lifestyle changed and I hit a new age bracket as I moved through my 20s and I gained 45 lbs.  With simple lifestyle changes, portion controls, smart eating, and a regular exercise program I was able to know that weight off pretty easily.  Move forward 3 kids later weight issues again.  Kid #1 same thing diet exercise took a year but the weight came off.  After kid #3 I thought I was at an ideal weight.  I was a little larger than before the kids but really most people are. I moved into another age bracket and as I went through my 3os we discovered a detox program.  It detoxed the fat stores, reset the metabolism, and cut inflammation I was able to drop two sizes and return to that pre-children weight and look. Again I found it easy to eat right and exercise if the holidays put on a few pounds I could easily get it off.  But then things changed…

I have hit yet another age bracket and nothing good weight-wise is happening.  I am NOT finding it easy to get a little weight off.   Diet and exercise are not my friends right now.  My cravings are also a little out of control. This and other reasons led us to bring two new technologies into the office. Invisa RED red light laser and True Weight Solutions.   See videos to follow my experience with these programs.   _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Invisa RED Laser also known as Lipo Laser

How do you know if Red Light Laser Therapy is right for you?

  • Not hitting your weight loss goals?
  • Have stubborn body fat that just won’t disappear?
  • It is not as easy to lose weight as before.
  • You are not happy with your body’s overall appearance.

How it works

  • Natural, safe, laser light energy is pulsed and absorbed by the subcutaneous tissue
  • Supercharges the body’s metabolism through ATP synthesis to burn fat as energy.
  • Waste products are expelled from the body via sweat, urine, and respiratory exhaustion
  • The body continues to burn fat for up to 4 hours after treatment
  • Collagen and elastin production is increased within the skin layers to rejuvenate and repair skin cells addressing cellulite, skin laxity, and stretch marks




The difference is in the depth the Red light Technology penetrates to the fat cells.  When the laser reaches the fat cells it creates a reaction where the fat cells are “burned”.  Our body has a memory of an Elephant when it comes to body fat.  It does not like forgetting the fat or giving it up. When we burn the fat and use it to fuel the body it is a more efficient way to lose weight.




Invis RED Results Before & After

Invisa RED Laser Alone

  • Clinics have a 90% success rate
  • Clinically proven for weight reduction, fat reduction, and loss of inches.
  • Clinical Trial Average Loss after 9 Treatments
    • Body Fat % decrease by1.75%
    • Body fat burned 4.53 lbs
    • Inches decrease by 10.13inch
    • Adverse reactions 0
    • Most recommended plans are 12 -16 visits

Super Charge Your Result with Added Detox System 

Clients will see results of weight loss and body reshaping with the Laser only; however, results can be maximized with the True Weight Loss Solutions system.  Adding True Weight Solutions will also cut cravings and decrease inflammation through detoxification.  The main idea this to get safe fast results and keep them.  When you cut the cravings the likelihood of eating well long term is higher.  Also, inflammation causes disease; so not only will you look better but you will feel better too.

Let’s face it if it was easy to stay trim and fit everyone would do it!

Lets Us Help


Wendy’s Story Part 2

I am trying the program just like any other patient. We have recorded my weight, measurements, and pictures.  I started True Weight Solutions and Laser treatments. 

1st week

I am 1 week in.   Laser visits are EASY and actually relaxing.   15 minutes under the laser light in my targeted problem areas. No problem here.  I recommend Invsa RED to ANYONE who has some problem areas.  Let’s be honest, I did not gain weight because I had the time to cook good healthy meals. Nope, I eat what I want when I want and eat out when I don’t have time.  Obviously, that was not working.  True Weight Solutions I believe WILL work however I am not gonna lie this is a weight loss system.  It takes planning!  I need to go to the store and meal plan.  I need to make smart decisions.  Eating on the run is NOT going to work on this program.  So I am finding it difficult because I just don’t have the time to eat smart. I started on Saturday with the 2-day loading stage which was surprisingly easy.  But then I did not plan ahead for the losing stage so this week has been challenging. 

 So what is my solution:  I have invested in this program so I am going to FIND the time. Today is day 5 and I planned my lunch & dinner, bought and cooked my veggies and today has gone much better than the others.  Say tuned for more info and results.  


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I have had lower back problems for about 35 years. As I aged, they were getting worse. I also noticed I was overweight. I came to Susquehanna Spine & Rehab because Dr. Lee could address both issues as part of a unified plan. The diet regimen, chiropractic, and personalized exercises worked! One aspect of Dr. Lee’s care that I really appreciate is his thorough explanation of what is going on and why it is happening. He also explained how the treatment(s) will work. Lastly, I find the friendly, patient-centered environment very refreshing!
Tony, 63