Car Accident Chiropractor in Bel Air, MD

When it comes to your health, there is no such thing as a minor accident. Whiplash being  the most common of car accident injuries.  However we can treat any injury that is a result of an auto accident.  Sometimes after an accident the pain is immediate.  Some injuries can take weeks, months or even years to cause major pain that disrupts your life.  As with all injures the sooner you seek treatment the better.  

When should I seek auto injury doctor’s help and where?

The sooner you receive care, the less your chance of poor or improper healing. If you have been injured you need help fast. You will be given an appointment the same day you call us and receive the highest quality chiropractic and physical therapy care from our highly trained team of healthcare professionals.

Dr. Lee, at Susquehanna Spine & Rehab in Bel Air, has years of experience successfully treating the pain and injuries associated with auto accidents, new or old.

  • Exam and consultation to pinpoint and diagnose the injury
  • X ray or MRI may be ordered
  • Lower inflammation with modalities like ice, ultrasound, and electric stim.
  • Chiropractic adjusting to restore alignment and proper joint function  
  • Physical therapy to include strengthening, range of motion, balance and flexibility.
  • Massage therapy and Acupuncture also available to treat your pain and injuries

Most doctors and lawyers in Bel Air and throughout Maryland refer their patients and clients to Dr. Lee to receive the high quality chiropractic and physical therapy care that Dr. Lee and Susquehanna Spine & Rehab has become famous for.


Insurance and Legal Issues:

Our experienced office staff will complete all of the paperwork for your legal and insurance needs. In most cases, working with a PIP claim and a lawyer your can can be paid 100%. We are happy t o file with a PIP claim and work with an attorney to get your care paid for.  

Car Accident Injury and Pain Treatment Clients Testimonials

I was rear ended while stopped at a light and my car was totaled.  Immediately the muscles in my back an neck were in pain.  I found relief after seeing Dr. Lee.  -Jenny age 35