Employment Physicals in Bel Air, MD

Physical examinations can help identify issues that may impact job performance or lead to a workers’ compensation claim even before the hiring process is complete. These physicals provide a cost-efficient and legal means of screening prospective employees before they are hired. Based on the results of the examination and urine drug screen, Dr. Lee will render a medical opinion of “qualified” or “not qualified.”

Here are some health and physical ability points that should be considered when hiring a new employee:

  • Are there physical limitations that would prevent this person from doing the required job tasks?
  • Does this person consume illicit drugs?
  • Does this person have a disability that falls under the American With Disabilities Act that would require the employer to provide a “reasonable accommodation?”
  • Is this person likely to get hurt or suffer illness due to physical or environmental exposures at work?

While there is no way anyone can predict who is going to get hurt at work, studies show that Employee Physicals can reduce work-related injury and illness in the work place. This is also beneficial in that it ensures that both the prospective employee and the employer have acknowledged any relevant physical limitations and, therefore, can be accommodated, if possible.

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