Frequently Asked Questions about Chiropractic Care

Q: Is it safe?

Yes! As one of, if not safest form of healthcare; chiropractic is proven safe for patients of all ages and conditions.

Q: Does it hurt?

No the adjustments are gentle and  painless.  There may be some soreness, muscles tightness, or discomfort  after an adjustment.  This is your body reacting to being put back into alignment.  It is similar to if you went and ran a 5k tomorrow you would have some discomfort.  

Q: Is it addictive? I have heard that once you do to a chiropractor you never stop.

No it is not addictive unless you become addicted to being healthy! Some patients decide they feel better after an adjustment and see the value in seeking routine adjustments.

Q: What is the cracking noise?

Sometimes and audible “crack” is heard during an adjustment. This is shifting of fluid inside the joints.

Q: What would my family doctor say?

Many PCPs see the benefit and are referring patients to chiropractic care-and even come themselves.

Q: Does insurance cover it?

Many insurance companies do offer benefits that can be used in our office. We will be happy to call your provider and ask all the questions for you.

Q:Will he break my neck ?

While that is true in movies the average person can not do that much damage.  Chiropractic adjustments do not apply that much force.  We take your neck to its full range of motion and then apply small change to the vertebrae to push it into alignment .  

Q:I am in too much pain I’m not sure I can  to be adjusted?

Our number one goal is the comfort of the patient.  There are many techniques that can be used.  Our tables move and adjust for more comfortable adjustment.  An activator can be used.  Its an adjusting tool that will apply a very specific adjustment to a very specific spot without influencing the affected muscles.    

Q: Do you treat children?

Yes children are often injured as well.  Common reasons people bring children to our office are auto accident, sports injury, overuse injury, headaches, colic, toddler falls, chronic ear infections, ADHD, Autism, just to name a few .  

Q: Have you ever adjusted an infant?    

Yes !  Some only hours old.  The amount of force needed to adjust an infant is very small and is usually done with the doctor’s little fingers.  Think about  the amount of force that is placed on an infant’s head and neck as they make their way out into the world.  

Q: I usually have my husband pop my back or I can pop my own neck isn’t that the same thing?

Did they stay at a Holiday Inn express?  Just kidding while you can often times get the popping noise but not the actual adjustment that aligns the spine.  There are hours and hours of training that goe into learning how to administer an adjustment.  These Professionals know what the proper alignment feels like.  

Q: Is a chiropractor a doctor?

Yes!  Each chiropractor has attended a chiropractic school and earned a Doctor of Chiropractic degree .  DC are the letters assigned to their name.  The curriculum of chiropractic school is very similar to medical school.  They are taught the same anatomy classes and other sciences, nutrition. Physical therapy and adjustment techniques.  Each chiropractic school has a clinic where chiropractic students will do an in house residency .  Many students will also participate in external internships.