It’s Summer

Summer is here finally. I always think why is Spring so cold this year and then I remember it’s Maryland and spring is cold every year.

My message for Summer is BE SMART!

Theme Parks: This is NOT the time to wear flip-flops (wait for the surprise twist towards the end). When spending the entire day at a theme park chose footwear that is comfortable but also supportive. I do recommend real tennis shoes. Ol’ Chuck Taylor’s and Vans are not real tennis shoes. I also recommend a visit with us after a visit to the theme park. The physics behind roller coasters that make them fun can also cause neck injuries. If your neck or back hurt after riding a roller coaster you may have whiplash. This occurs when the neck is forcibly bent from front to back or vice versa in rapid succession putting the cervical spine through intense stress and can create injuries to the neck’s tendons and ligaments.

Sun Screen: Don’t forget the sunscreen. No more explanation needed you all know to protect your skin.

Diet & Exercise: Exercise is one of those things that you should not just jump in head first. If you have not exercised all winter or for a few winters don’t hit the gym hard and heavy like you are 20 years old. Cardio, yoga, Pilates, and weight training are all good ideas. With yoga and Pilates remember that flexibility takes time. Cardio is wonderful for heart health, bone health, and overall health. Walking is better than nothing and stair machines are also a great option. When weight training remember that technique is key. Watch your body positions and start with lower weights and build up.

Flip Flops: As a general rule, flip flops are not recommended for any length of time as most do not have any support for your feet & body. It wasn’t actually till the late 1980s that Dr. Lee (The oldest of 3 brothers born in 3 years and 3rd of 8 boy cousins all within 4 years) knew flip flops weren’t for anything other than a weapon of m-less mass destruction. And never really thought of them as acceptable footwear. However, here’s the twist, Dr. Martin was able to find a sturdy, supportive sandal that Dr. Lee doesn’t abjectly hate. You can catch her and our staff sporting them on Flip-Flop Friday. They’re typically distributed through a doctor’s office, and we picked up a lot of them and will start selling them in June. Come in or message us if you are interested.

We have new services coming soon so watch for those messages!