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Last Summer Hurrah!

So in a last hurrah for the end of summer we took the kids to an unnamed but local chocolate themed park that shall remain nameless.  The Thrill Seeker As a younger man, I was quite the thrill seeker, but as I’ve grown older and wiser my disdain for thrill rides and their associated lines with $8 flat, watered down sodas has exponentially kept pace; but the things we do for our kids, right? Well, like every other day this past summer, it rained that day. We took a dinner…  
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Joint pain

My uncle’s knee can better predict rain than the weather channel. Many of you may have noticed this past month that their joints have been a little off too. Joints that move are called synovial joints. Inside the synovial joints is synovial fluid, it’s similar lithium or bearing grease. The viscosity of Synovial fluid is sensitive to barometric pressure. As we age (it’s not always the model year, sometimes it’s the mileage) we lose fluid and our joint spaces will also start to shrink, compounding the problem. So grandma might…  
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Is a CBD Product Right for me? 

What is CBD? CBD is the healing portion of the cannabis plant. Think Aloe; we have been using the healing aspects of the aloe plant for years internally and external. In fact, as many people probably already know, herbs and plants were not only the original but only source of medicine throughout the vast majority of human existence. CBD is one such example. What does CBD do? CBD has been known to slow pain receptors essentially delaying the feeling of pain from reaching your brain. It also is similar to natural Omega fatty acids which…  
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Tis the Season for Snow

It’s that time of year when everyone starts losing their mind over a little snow and every other news segment or blog entry is about how to safely shovel snow. Well, I’m not going there. In over 16 years of treating patients on the East Coast the amount of people that I’ve seen hurt themselves shoveling snow is very small compared to those who hurt themselves vacuuming, doing dishes, tying shoes, sneezing, slip n sliding, running down the stairs on Christmas morning in fuzzy socks and busting their backside. Why…  
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Grumpy Baby Syndrome

We had a baby visiting the office a few weeks ago with his mother and grandmother. Like anyone at the front desk would do, the girls and I (Mrs. Spine) up front were laughing and talking to the baby. He is super cute but man was he grouchy. This may have been the grumpiest baby I have ever met. The mom went on to explain that he was grouchy all the time and they were trying different formulas to try to help. We explained that often times grumpy babies can be adjusted…  
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Playing Through the Pain Part 2

Back in my day, if we got hurt playing ball; we were promptly examined and diagnosed by a highly trained professional. And by highly trained professional I mean the equipment manager. Our treatments alternated between ‘ice it down’ and ‘walk it off’. Most of the patients we see are suffering from the long term effects of people who just tried to “walk off” Old sports injuries Auto injuries Lawn care injuries Sitting at the desk too long injuries “Here, hold my beer” injuries “Well, there was this girl/guy” injuries and…  
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Do I Need a Nutrition Consult?

How often do you use supplements in your nutrition regimen? Taking vitamin supplements is not an exact science.  There is a list of vitamins professionals recommend for most people to take each day, but are you “most people”?  Some medications interact with vitamin supplements.  Some people have conditions that some supplements should not be taken with.  Some people need a different list for optimal nutritional health.  Some people need to take certain supplements together for them to work properly.  Sometimes your list of supplements changes with the seasons and sometimes…  
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Two Lessons Learned, Again.

While we were traveling a few weeks ago, my computer bag slipped off my shoulder and I caught it on my arm right below my elbow. No big deal -my arm was a little sore. I chose to ignore the small injury and went on with my life. I didn’t think anything of it. Last week I noticed that my wrist is a little sore. But again a little soreness isn’t much, so I didn’t do anything about it. Now a few days later my wrist is really sore! It hurts to…  
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How does Pregnancy Fit with Chiropractic Care?

Pregnancy is a wonderful and rewarding time for most families. However, the female body experiences a number of dramatic physical changes during her pregnancy that can surely lead to considerable discomfort. I want you to know that chiropractic can be greatly beneficial to help soothe the aches and pains involved with pregnancy so you can get back to focusing on the wonderful miracle of it all.

The Truth is out there….

And in other news, today pigs flew… Perhaps a turning point has been reached. The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) has recommended that patients who seek back pain treatment should consider chiropractic care before taking invasive measures such as electing for surgery. The surgical option should only be considered if conservative therapies fail. According to the JAMA, conservative alternatives like Chiropractic care should be the first “line of defense” because they are safer and more efficient in relieving pain.

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