Why bother?

This is the time of year when people start telling themselves this is the year that they are going to get in shape, eat right and stop stealing office supplies. And most will have failed the first two goals by the end of the Sugarbowl Halftime Report, and #3 by 4:00 on the first Monday after the holiday. So in other words, don’t bother.
The problem with lofty goals is that they are unattainable. Then when you slip, you get depressed and completely give up. Or sometimes people will set these ridiculous goals knowing they can’t do it, giving themselves an “out” of doing what’s right.

You can’t go from doing 12 ounce curls on the couch to training for a marathon on New Years Day. You can’t go from 3000 calories of processed meats and sugars to an 1800 calorie whole food diet (and not want to commit homicide) in just a week. And you’re never going to start buying your own stamps when the Post Office keeps raising their rates.
It was either Shakespeare, Lau Tzu or the cast of Glee that said: ‘a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.’ If you want to change, you’re going to have to make reasonable, attainable, measurable goals. Not just make random cheap champagne fueled wishes on the back of a cocktail napkin.
If you want to get in shape, start small. A 5 minute warm up, 5 minutes on the treadmill/elliptical/bike/street then a 5 minute cool down 3 times a week. Then ad a minute every week until you’re up to 5/30/5. If you want to eat better, do Novolife then replace your daily bag of chips with a cup of broccoli and drink water instead of soda; then go from there.
With any goal, no matter if it is health, financial or other, you need support. This is actually true for any change you are trying to make. If you enlist someone (who cares) in your journey you are much more likely to make it. That’s why, as a married man, I’ve been party to lot’s of goals.
So do bother, and as Nike said (I’m sure they stole it) “Just do it.”
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