We Are All Ears

We pride ourselves on being a different type of doctor. Our first priority is that we want our patients to know that we listen to them. Here is a funny story :

Patient A comes in the office and has been talking about work being stressful due to it being the recruiting season.

Patient B comes in the office a few minutes later and tells the doctor that her hour commute is really taking a toll on her. Doc remembers that Patient B works the same position that Patient A is recruiting for. He walks patient B out to patient A and introduces them.

This is how we work at Susquehanna Spine and Rehab. We look out for our patients, not just for their health, but for all aspects of their life.

Most people do not realize that these other aspects can have a physical affect as well.

Physical and emotional stress play a part in any physical pain you are feeling.  When speaking to our docs they will ask questions about your lifestyle such as: what is your pain keeping you from doing, how often are you feeling pain, etc..  Our main goal is not only to relieve the pain you are experiencing but also to return you to the activities you love.