Vitamin Supplements

vitaminsIf you watch Fox News, you may have seen this report: the NY Attorney general conducted an investigation and “79% of supplements are not what the label claims”.

How can this be true?  Well, supplements are not regulated by the FDA. As far as the government’s health watch dog, there’s no rule that says Vitamin C capsules actually have to contain Vitamin C.  Therefore, less scrupulous companies might try to sell you a capsule of dirt. There is a vitamin and supplement company, GMP, patterned after Europe’s vitamin oversight committee.  However, here in the US, a company has to opt-in to regulation.  That’s like having the IRS be voluntary.

This is why it’s always a good idea to purchase supplements from a healthcare professional.  The vast majority of opted-in makers will only sell exclusively through a provider.  Plus, a healthcare provider with a strong background in biochemistry and nutrition will know best what supplements and in what dose are best for you, and even which ones you should avoid.

Did you know chiropractors have thousands of hours in nutrition in school and for continuing education?    You can be confident in our products — we use them too!

So, supplements are helpful to your nutrition.  And you can be confident in the products you purchase from a professional.

We carry vitamin supplements at our office. If you are interested in any of the products that we carry, stop by our office or call 443-512-0025.