The White Stuff

Tricked or Treated

Today’s edition is brought to you by the real boss, Mrs Spine:It’s that time of year again, where parents will be busy with all sorts of Halloween related activates. My kids like yours are so hyped up about the upcoming “Holiday”. My middle daughter came home yesterday and informed me that she needed to use a pillow case for trick or treating because you can get more candy that way. Halloween has turned in to sugar-polooza. Once a year is one thing. But anyone who’s ever tried to lose weight, rid themselves of Candida or balance their pH knows that sugar is el Diablo.But sugar is found in almost everything we eat, in addition to the obvious sweet and tempting treats such as candy and cookies, cakes and pies, sugar is found naturally in fruit and milk, and is an ingredient in many brands of yogurt, tomato sauce, and salad dressings. Also, many foods are converted to sugar once they pass the pie hole. It’s called the ‘glycemic index,’ Google it, you may be surprised.

Sugar not only adds sweetness to foods; it also plays a role in our ability to eat and enjoy food in many other ways. It creates texture and color in baked goods, adds body to yogurt, balances acidity in tomato products and increases the boiling point and reduces the freezing point in foods.

Have you ever noticed that your kids act differently after eating certain foods? Most people will build up a tolerance to sugar as you eat more you do not feel its effects. In our house you will find fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, yogurt and other healthy snacks. But on occasion we do let our kids have whatever they want. I can instantly see a difference in their attitude and behavior. For example when taking our oldest girl to a certain Italian Ice stand, we immediately notice a difference in her attitude and behavior. She turns into a completely different little girl…for the worse I might add. My weakness is chocolate like most women. When I first met Doctor Lee, my favorite green food was green peanut M&M’s. I loved chocolate with all three of my pregnancies. The only thing I found to help curb my chocolate addiction was when I completed the Novolife cleanse, three years ago. Completing this cleanse stopped my cravings for chocolate and carbs as well. I went from eating chocolate every day to having a bite of brownie every once and awhile, and a few bites of birthday cake.