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How do I know If I have Whiplash?

Do I have Whiplash? Back when my girls were younger and rode the bus; not a week or even a day, went by without someone blowing past the bus. I wrote down or snapped pics of license plates. Called State Police and Sheriff, even the 1-800-howsmydriving numbers on the back of the perp’s cars. I even sat wondering how can they miss the flashing reds. Now as the preferred provider and examiner for Harford County Public Schools Transportation Department, I still have a vested interest in the safety of school…  
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Tis the Season for Snow

It’s that time of year when everyone starts losing their mind over a little snow and every other news segment or blog entry is about how to safely shovel snow. Well, I’m not going there. In over 16 years of treating patients on the East Coast the amount of people that I’ve seen hurt themselves shoveling snow is very small compared to those who hurt themselves vacuuming, doing dishes, tying shoes, sneezing, slip n sliding, running down the stairs on Christmas morning in fuzzy socks and busting their backside. Why…  
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A note from one of our many happy clients: “When I came to Susquehanna Spine & Rehab I was very skeptical. I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my neck in Aug 2016 and after four years of sleep problems, lower back pain, and many different procedures I didn’t really think this place was going to do anything for me. After only 2 weeks at Susquehanna Spine and Rehab the severe pain in my neck, shoulder and arm had greatly improved … NO MORE PAIN! I can now sleep…  
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Can acupuncture treat my…

Chinese Medicine is a full service medicine that can treat a great variety of ailments by addressing each person as an individual.  Unlike Western Medicine, it does not treat or cure diseases. Disease mechanisms are an entirely Western Medical concept.  Patients often identify themselves with these diseases, i.e. “I am diabetic.”  You are not a disease!  Diseases have become generalized labels that cover everyone with similar symptoms.

How is your posture?

If you are like most people, you just sat up straighter.  Some people will admit their posture is off; many that don’t, should.  In our society today there are many factors that contribute to bad posture.  Texting is one!  Many people work on computers all day.  The way you sit, stand, read, drive, and work can all put added stress on your spine.  Here is a summary of research in the journal Surgical Technology International.

Fibromyalgia? Yes You Can!

Yes you CAN! Gen. Halstead conquered fibromyalgia, so can you! After 27 years of service, decorated U.S. Army Brigadier General Becky Halstead (Retired), the first female West Point graduate in U.S. history to command at the strategic level in Iraq and Afghanistan, decided to retire after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia – a medically unexplained syndrome affecting the muscles and connective tissues. Currently, the disease affects as many as 12 million Americans and has been reported two times as prevalent in deployed veterans (Annals of Internal Medicine, June 7, 2005, Vol. 142 No.11). “Agonizing…  
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Can chiropractic help with arthritis?

Certainly! Arthritis alone is the general inflammation of joints, which leads to pain, stiffness, and decreased function of the joint.  There are several types of Arthritis.  Each form has its particular symptoms, demographics, and development.  Osteoarthritis is most directly the result of generalized “wear and tear” of joints and their associated structures.  Rheumatoid, Psoriatic, JRA, Septic all are systemic forms of arthritis that develop as a result of the presence of variants in the blood.  Lastly gout and pseudo gout are metabolic forms of joint inflammation that is generally associated…  
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Ironic isn’t it?

It’s like Rain…    …On your wedding day. Ironic really. Almost embarrassing. I, Dr. Lee, a chiropractor and self-proclaimed most handsome disc specialist in Harford County if not all of Maryland, threw my back out. I saw it coming. As with most cases, it wasn’t one single event like saving a little girls bunny from a raging river, it developed over time. And obviously so, can happen to anyone anytime.  A few years back I injured my foot skiing. I rehabbed it. But the tendons and ligaments of the leg…  
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Miracles Never Cease

Hang around chiropractors long enough and your bound to hear stories of how a patient who had been suffering from asthma, dysmenorrhea, ADD, colic, infertility, chronic ear infections and a whole host of other diseases had been seemingly cured with just a few adjustments. I’m sure most people file those stories away with other urban legends, but in fact they are true. Not everyone, every case every time, but ‘miracles’ happen everyday in clinics across the globe, and many happen here.

A place called Vertigo

Vertigo, a kind of cool Hitchcock movie and a really cool U2 song. But there’s nothing cool about the world spinning around you and puking everywhere. College students everywhere spend their weekends in the bottom of a Nat Light can trying to reproduce it; but there’s many people out there trying to stop it. Vertigo, just like other symptoms (pain, burning, numbness, tingling, coughing, runny nose…) is not a disease or disorder, but the sign or side effect of a disorder. There are 4 main, treatable causes of vertigo: BPPV,…  
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Chiropractic Care

Why chiropractic care? Learn how chiropractic care can help you live a pain free life. At SSR, we provide a personalized treatment plan for each patient to tend to his/her own needs.


Physical Therapy

Susquehanna Spine and Rehab provides physical therapy and active massage therapy services for pain and injuries in Harford County, MD.



Massage is a powerful tool for helping you to become aware of areas of chronic tension or postural problems, and to understand how these affect your body mechanics.