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Alternatives to Pain Medication

Not that long ago, I wrote “show me someone with a six-pack, and I’ll show you a dysfunctional back.” The news is full of stories of the over use of Opioids or pain medicine. And you have to look no further than Tiger Woods. Take a look at his midsection. The guy has (had) serious hour-glass abs. Well, while that looks amazing at the beach, it also disrupts the diaphragm’s ability to create a piston base allowing the oblique swing to create torque. Instead he relied on his spinal rotation…  
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6 Pack or Beer Belly

Not a day goes by I don’t hear “I do plenty of sit-ups, I have a strong core so I don’t know why my back hurts.” Well, muscles can be strong in what’s known as the physic, or moving function, but not so much in the postural state. Poor postural strength leads to poor performance and low back pain. So matter what your stomach looks like on the outside it does not show how strong the core muscles are. Core stability in fact is not due to the absolute strength…  
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A note from one of our many happy clients: “When I came to Susquehanna Spine & Rehab I was very skeptical. I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my neck in Aug 2016 and after four years of sleep problems, lower back pain, and many different procedures I didn’t really think this place was going to do anything for me. After only 2 weeks at Susquehanna Spine and Rehab the severe pain in my neck, shoulder and arm had greatly improved … NO MORE PAIN! I can now sleep…  
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Strengthen Your Core

Your core zippers the two halves of your body together.  The core muscles support your spine, control the body’s balance, and center of gravity. When your core is not strong, it causes joints and muscles that are not in charge of balance to have to take over for the core muscles. This can lead to poor performance, fatigue, pain, and damage to the joints.  Solution: don’t have kids…  Just kidding, but seriously: being pregnant, c sections, and other surgeries in the belly area can cause weakness in the core.  Core…  
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Can acupuncture treat my…

Chinese Medicine is a full service medicine that can treat a great variety of ailments by addressing each person as an individual.  Unlike Western Medicine, it does not treat or cure diseases. Disease mechanisms are an entirely Western Medical concept.  Patients often identify themselves with these diseases, i.e. “I am diabetic.”  You are not a disease!  Diseases have become generalized labels that cover everyone with similar symptoms.

You and your bad posture

I wonder how many of you remember your mother nagging you to “stand up straight and don’t slouch?” You may have been annoyed with her constant nagging, but mom was on to something here. Forward head posture is one of the leading causes of pain in the neck and shoulders. How many of you sit at a desk staring at a computer for over 8 hours a day 5 days a week? Over the years, gradual changes to body position can slowly wear away at joints and surrounding soft tissues….  
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A Miraculous Story

One of our new patients has given us permission to share his story.  Everyone at our office is excited, and it has reminded me why I became a chiropractor. In the words of the patient: “I have been having severe pain since Thanksgiving 2014. I have had several meetings with an orthopedic doctor whose specialty was arthritis and joint replacement. I’ve had a full battery of x-rays/MRI done to diagnose my condition to which I was told to be severe arthritis deeply inflamed with fluids pushing on the nerves. After I…  
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How is your posture?

If you are like most people, you just sat up straighter.  Some people will admit their posture is off; many that don’t, should.  In our society today there are many factors that contribute to bad posture.  Texting is one!  Many people work on computers all day.  The way you sit, stand, read, drive, and work can all put added stress on your spine.  Here is a summary of research in the journal Surgical Technology International.

Flip Flops are NOT Shoes

So anyone who knows me knows I love shoes!  My kids have also inherited my love of shoes.  What they don’t love is a daddy who knows about shoes and how footwear affects your body.  The shoes you choose are important!  Take tennis shoes for example: they are not all made alike, and they are not all the same support level or the same shape. Not all feet and shoes are the same shape; and all 7’s aren’t exactly the same size and shape either.

New: Acupuncture

We now offer Acupuncture Sessions!! Continuing our pursuit in helping you achieve your healthcare goals and our goal of making Harford County as healthy as possible; we are now offering acupuncture from Eric Smith, LAC   A note from Wendy:  I love acupuncture!  I suffered from stress headaches when I was teaching in an alternative high school.  These weren’t headaches, I should be clear — they were migraines: no talking, no light, no movement allowed.  I was in terrible pain.  I could not even have an adjustment, my head hurt…  
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Chiropractic Care

Why chiropractic care? Learn how chiropractic care can help you live a pain free life. At SSR, we provide a personalized treatment plan for each patient to tend to his/her own needs.


Physical Therapy

Susquehanna Spine and Rehab provides physical therapy and active massage therapy services for pain and injuries in Harford County, MD.



Massage is a powerful tool for helping you to become aware of areas of chronic tension or postural problems, and to understand how these affect your body mechanics.