Tis the Season for Snow

It’s that time of year when everyone starts losing their mind over a little snow and every other news segment or blog entry is about how to safely shovel snow. Well, I’m not going there. In over 16 years of treating patients on the East Coast the amount of people that I’ve seen hurt themselves shoveling snow is very small compared to those who hurt themselves vacuuming, doing dishes, tying shoes, sneezing, slip n sliding, running down the stairs on Christmas morning in fuzzy socks and busting their backside.

Why is that? Most people do not have the time or patience to recover when they hurt themselves for minor or major injuries. They ignore that pain or “walk it off .“ The pain will subside and stiffness becomes the new norm. The area has not 100% healed and it is now altered. Irritation and iSeason of Snow, Pain and Injuriesinflammation build and weakens the area. Stress from daily activities can also cause irritation that your body ignores since it has been conditioned to do so. It keeps building until you sneeze or vacuum or bend down to tie your shoes. The sneeze did not cause the injury; it was just the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Anytime there is stiffness, pain, irritation, decreased range of motion this means there is an injury that needs attention. The smaller the irritation the easier it is to heal. So getting treatment early is wise. Pain is the most motivating reason people call our office but pain is only a symptom of the real injury and only the first step of the process.

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