New Year’s Resolutions

If you are like many people the last few days you have vowed to eat better and exercise more.

ny res

In theory Dieting is simple math.  Burn more calories then you take in.  But in reality it is not that simple.  If you want to eat healthy foods then buy heathly foods.  If you can not so no to potato chips then don’t have potato chips around.   Figure out your pattern: if you are a “snacker,” snack on health nuts or trail mix.  If you like sweets, buy dark chocolate or good protein bars that have chocolate in them.  If you like fast food, just say no.  If you are a last minute take out person, make a weekly menu and plan your dinners ahead.  In live by the 80/20 rule :  80% of the time eat very healthy food 20% celebrate and eat what you like.  But be careful not to flip it.

When talking about exercise there a a very small percentage of people who like to work out.  To find them go to any gym and find the people in uniform or the hyper really thin girl teaching a class.  Find ways to set up your excise routine so that it becomes a habit and you can be successful.    Here are some ideas:  Workout with a buddy so you can’t opt out.  Go to specific classes at the gym.  Set a schedule in your phone with alerts to tell you to go exercise.  If you like to cheat, then set it up so you can’t.  Here is an example (and I will deny it if you tell her I told you): Wendy always cheats on the treadmill.   There is always an excuse to stop early.  So to ensure she doesn’t cheat; she goes to a trail.  If she has decided to run for 30 minutes, she runs 15 min out and then she is forced to run the 15 min back.  There is no way to cheat.

When talking about diet and exercise it is an up hill battle.  If it were easy every one would be in shape.  Set a large goal and smaller goals along the way.  Set up a reward system.  Take measurements so you can see change. The scale is NOT your friend!.  You can get thinner with out weight changing as your body gets in shape.  Good luck.  If you need a jump start please ask about Novolife.

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