I Wish My Insurance Covered My Retail Therapy!!!

Unfortunately health insurance does not cover retail therapy; but wouldn’t that be amazing? Sometimes health is not just your physical health.  Your emotional state can influence your pain levels.  Mental health is a powerful part of your overall health plan.

So what should you do to improve your mental health? Take a mental health Day!!! I’m not kidding.  Take a day trip, go to the spa, go shopping, hang out with friends or family, get a massage, etc… Take a day to relax and get out of your daily routine.  Start an exercise program. 

I know you don’t want hear it. (Secretly I hate to exercise ,but I love how I feel when I am done).  Exercise is not just good for your physical health it is wonderful for your mental health as well.  Why do you ask?

  • Reduces stress – exercise increases norepinephrine levels. Norepinephrine is a chemical that helps the brain handle stress.
  • Be happy – Exercise releases endorphins- Endorphins create the feelings of being happy. These happy feelings are like gold to anyone who may be feeling depressed or suffering from anxiety.
  • Be confident -Exercise improves self-confidence; when you look better you feel better. When you have to lie on the bed to button your jeans it is hard to have self-confidence.
  • Brain Boost – Exercise is good for the brain. No really; cardio can create new brain cells.  Exercise can also increase levels of hippocampus which is responsible for memory.
  • Relax– Exercise can relax you. Those who suffer from insomnia may find they sleep better after a workout.  Exercising 5-6 hours before bed raises your body temperature and when it comes back down to normal levels, it triggers your body to know it is time for bed.
  • Do more – Exercise increases productivity. It has been shown that those who exercise are more productive and have more energy.
  • Find a friend– Exercise is better with a buddy. Make someone work out with you.  It is much easier and the time flies by.  It is also harder to cheat or just not go if someone else is counting on you.

And finally find a reason to exercise.  If you need a reason I will give you one.  We are sponsoring the Tackle the cause 5K  (presented by Progressive Radiology)  on Saturday Oct 24th.  That gives you 4 weeks!  Plenty of time to get ready to run, walk or crawl the 5K with me.   Use the link to register below or contact our office.  All proceeds go to the American Cancer Society. To Register Click Here
Offer:  Relax on October 8!  $45 for a 60 minute massage one day only space is limited.