How I beat, well, am beating Rosacea.

I got the curse of the Celts. People as white as me weren’t meant to grow up in sunny South Texas. Mother Nature had assigned us to Northern Europe. Having been exposed to hours of intense sun has allowed me more than one trip to the dermatologist-and the real reason I gave up my previous career as a male model. Rosacea is NOT caused by alcoholism; it’s a genetic disorder common in us honkies. It’s characterized by acne-like appearance in people over 35. As opposed to acne, it is not an infection, but from flushing-an extreme opening of the blood vessels in the head and face that causes redness. It’s worsened by anything that causes an increase in the blood flow to the face and neck (huge list, google it later). Typical acne treatments actually may make it worse due their harshness.

Like other genetic disorders, you can’t cure rosacea, but you can render it mute. I’m not really going to touch on the traditional or allopathic treatment protocols; I’ll leave that to the dermatologists.
A very common trait amongst us is low stomach acid (or high pH-I know, confusing). This makes what we eat harder to digest; which means we’re not getting the nutrition out of our food-just the crap instead. To curb this, I take special enzyme supplements to aide in digestion. Also, no liquids ½ before or 2 hours after eating-it’s a chemical thing. Add water or any other liquid to acid, and you dilute it-plus vast amounts of liquids will push the food through too fast. Plus I threw in a little extra fiber to slow intestinal motility to give the food a little more time to break down.

It’s been said beauty is skin deep, the truth is though, healthy skin comes from the inside out. What you bring in shows; especially in skin disorders-regardless of your acidity. All disease is manifested through inflammation. To fight disease, fight inflammation. The first thing I did was go to on a complete low inflammatory diet void of dairy and gluten after a Novolife cleanse to rid my body of the toxins. I followed this by a month-long, anti-inflammatory detox vitamin regime to get in deep; then continued on with a healthy dosing of multivitamins, omega fatty acids and continuous chiropractic care to promote health.

Not just Rosacea either-any and all inflammatory disorders, skin or not. Including but not limited to more depressing is suffering from many of the numerous diseases and fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, sinusitis, allergies, acne, asthma, digestive conditions, flu symptoms, dysmenorrhea, endometriosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, hypertension, depression, insulin resistance syndrome(pre-diabetes), and diabetes and so on (another big list-google it later) are all manage the same way: diet, supplements and plenty of chiropractic care.

Kind of like those old hair club commercials-I’m not just the president, but also a client. If it works for me and 100’s others; it’ll work for you too.Are you or someone you know suffering from an inflammatory disorder? Forward them this email for a complimentary consultation!

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