Dr. Lee’s NovoLife Adventure

When Spanish Conquistador Cortez landed on Mexican soil, he ordered his men to burn all the boats. There would be no return to Spain. Victory or death.

10 years ago or so, after the birth of our youngest, Mrs. Spine was intent on losing the baby weight once and for all. After attending a continuing ed class on the benefits of fasting cleanses and weight loss, I bought the system. After the initial week, and a strong next few months of careful diet choices and exercise; her (and my) baby weight was gone. In celebration, we donated all our fat clothes, and took the Visa card to the outlet malls. We burnt our ships. There would be no return to our previous sizes. Victory or death- more like skinny or going to work in sweats.

My typical diet is breakfast-1 cage free egg lightly poached in coconut oil, lunch being the leftover of the night before’ s dinner of co-op veggies with whatever free range meat. I would occasionally splurge with a slice of pizza at a birthday party or biscuits and gravy while on vacation. Now, I know to many I seem infallible (or possibly delusional); however, as often does, the exception becomes the norm. What was once my discretionary calories became full time. I devolved to Royal Farms breakfast sandwiches and take out. My 1 slice of pizza a month would become 4 slices of buffalo chicken pizza on a Tuesday for no other reason it’s Tuesday, every Tuesday.

Well, it had caught up. Pants were getting snug, belt on the last hole. I needed to do something. I would not swim back to Spain. By happenstance, Dr. Lam and Shayna had been contemplating trying the new and improved cleanse. Being the benevolent and exemplary employer I am, I went along.  Plus there is strength in numbers you can’t cheat if you have someone else holding you accountable.  I’d like to say the 3rd or 4th time is a charm, but I’d be lying. It was easier this time for sure though.

I have just completed the 7 day cleanse and I’m 1 hole over on the belt, pants are actually a little loose and I’m feeling more energetic, focused and clean. I didn’t die, so I must be victorious.

You’ll be reading Shayna’s, Wendy’s and Dr. Lam’s experiences over the next few weeks. But don’t wait! If you want to jump start your health and turbo charge your weight loss now; give us a call 443-512-0025.