Double Negative Can be a Good Thing

Anyone who’s ever posted on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (Or remembers Myspace???) has encountered the Grammar Nazi. Beyond the ‘your-ses’; their biggest target is the double negative. You know, “I ain’t never going a week without seeing my chiropractor.” While logically sound, not the best use of the Queen’s English. However, sometimes a double negative is admirable. For instance, my HDL level, it’s over double ideal. In essence I have a double negative risk for a coronary event. So, good news/bad news:  I’ll be around for a long time.

So how does this happen? Some think heart disease risk factors are genetic. Maybe, but both my paternal grandparents died from heart disease as did my maternal grandfather. In reality, like all diseases, it’s a combination of genes and environment. In this case diet; and smoking. If you smoke quit, if you don’t-don’t start.

Many of you have heard me say, if you can’t catch it or pick it, don’t eat it. The subsection to that rule is, if it takes more processing than cutting, squeezing or cooking; probably shouldn’t eat it either. And just because it’s good for ya, doesn’t mean you have to eat it by the bucket load either. Be sure to remember also, you’re not only what you eat, but what you eat ate.

Now, I have a 45 minute Power Point presentation to explain that last sentence, but I’m going to try it here in about 30 seconds. In nature, meat sources graze, eating grass, grains, nuts and maybe even other animals along the way; and they will have Omega 3 fat. In commercial farming, they’re fed a ground mixture of growth hormones, anti-biotics, filler and synthetic food stuff. First, you don’t want to eat that, second it causes them to marble with Omega 6 fatty acids.

What’s the big deal? Omega 6 FA cause inflammation and disease, 3’s fight inflammation and disease. So why eat your heart attack, stroke, arthritis or even herniated discs when you can eat good health? Choose organic meats and omega 3 eggs. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Choose to cook with fats the omega 3 category such as olive oil and coconut oil.

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