Is a CBD Product Right for me? 

What is CBD?

CBD is the healing portion of the cannabis plant. Think Aloe; we have been using the healing aspects of the aloe plant for years internally and external. In fact, as many people probably already know, herbs and plants were not only the original but only source of medicine throughout the vast majority of human existence. CBD is one such example.

What does CBD do?

CBD Clinic pain relief cream

CBD has been known to slow pain receptors essentially delaying the feeling of pain from reaching your brain. It also is similar to natural Omega fatty acids which decrease inflammation and relieve muscle and joint pain.

Is CBD a drug?

No, CBD is sourced from Hemp not Marijuana. Hemp is the purely legal federally cannabis plant. No special license, no exam, no local legislation. CBD products do NOT contain THC which means no highs, no psychoactive components, and it cannot lead to a positive on a drug test.

CBD creams

CBD creams are easy to use, easy to transport, safe, effect, non-habit forming, and no prescription.

I have _______ can CBD help me?

CBD is a good solution for: Joint pain, muscle pain, inflammation, sprains or strains caused by sports injuries, auto accidents, and arthritis, plain I just woke up and this hurts today.

Will CBD cream make the pain go away permanently?

Pain is always a symptom of a greater problem. Something is causing that pain. CBD cream will alleviate the symptoms but most often patients find the greatest success with coupling the use of the cream with chiropractic and physical therapy visits for a permanent fix. CBD brings the pain and inflammation down to a manageable level and the chiropractic and therapy treatments focus on healing the root cause of the pain.