All Massage Therapists Are Not Created Equal

We are a society of rules and laws. Maryland, like most other sovereign entities, has its share of unique ones. Like, did you know Maryland is one of the few places that it’s illegal to grow thistle in your yard? Another law almost exclusively unique to Maryland is dual massage licensing. There are 2 levels of massage therapists in Maryland, Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and Registered Massage Practitioner (RMP).

So not all massage therapists are created equal. Here is the difference.  LMT’s are required to have more pre-massage education, more massage education and training, and more continuing education. LMT certification is required for massage therapists who work in a health care office.  RMP’s practice mostly at spas, salons and stand-alone massage centers which do not required the higher certification.  Just an FYI: the state does require all licenses to be posted in a visible location.

In short, the massage you get from a licensed massage therapist in a doctor’s office is a more therapeutic, medically focused massage than that from anywhere else. And when you get a massage from Susquehanna Spine & Rehab, you should know that our standards are even higher than that of the State.

But don’t worry – our massage therapy is not just medically oriented. Our LMT’s are well versed in the art of relaxation and stress reduction.  So, with school back in session, come work out those knots, kinks, bust that stress and/or relax.

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