You are do nothing wrong

These last few weeks we’ve seen a huge uptick of people getting hurt from doing nothing. The problem is, you’re doing nothing, wrong. Not that you’re not committing a faux pas, your faux pas-ing wrongly. That made much more sense saying it, but you know what I mean.
Ergonomics out the window
With most people working and studying from home, we’ve seemed to have thrown ergonomics out the window. Laptops are erroneously named. They’re not for laps. They’re not for laying in bed, on the trampoline, in the front yard etc. etc. etc. They’re made for desks or the kitchen table with proper chair and positioning in a pinch. While they may HAVE been designed for lap use, that’s just plain wrong. Same to be said for books and phones and tablets.
Get up and Move 
Now on to nothing. For those who aren’t able to work from home, just sitting around doing nothing isn’t the answer. As anyone with children under the ‘sleep & Netflix, all day’ demo knows; 3-year-old’s don’t like not moving. Neither does your body. Move. Don’t have to go anywhere, but don’t sit there.
Mask injuries; I’m waiting for them. I’ve been straining my neck to keep it from falling below my nose. That and my depth perception is messed up with all this action in my periphery. I’m sure I’ll fall soon; you probably will too. I know I’ll get adjusted after, you should too.
We’re still here 
And so yes, we’re still here. As per the Executive Order, a visit is essential if it would keep you from visiting a medical facility where other sick people would be (we aren’t a sick care operation), you’d go to a pharmacy, not coming would be detrimental to your health and well-being; or you’re in pain. Also, tele-health is available for those not venturing out.