You and your bad posture

I wonder how many of you remember your mother nagging you to “stand up straight and don’t slouch?” You may have been annoyed with her constant nagging, but mom was on to something here.

Forward head posture is one of the leading causes of pain in the neck and shoulders. How many of you sit at a desk staring at a computer for over 8 hours a day 5 days a week?

Over the years, gradual changes to body position can slowly wear away at joints and surrounding soft tissues. Chronic pain, TMJ, and headaches may appear if changes progress and postural alterations remain uncorrected.

Chiropractic adjustment is very effective in reducing the pain caused by joint restriction and malposition. If your poor posture is the cause of these subluxations, the symptoms will continue to recur if your posture isn’t corrected. As your chiropractor, I encourage you to pay close attention to this very important issue related to your spine.

Here are some ideas on how you can improve your posture.

Be aware: Practicing awareness of your slouching is the first step to correcting it.

Taking regular breaks from your computer can really help. Go get a drink; go take a quick walk around the office. Just don’t stare at your computer on your desk for 8 hours straight.

You may not realize, but, your pillow for sleep is a huge help in posture. Shop around for a proper pillow. You should also avoid sleeping on your stomach.

Get regular adjustments. Seeing your chiropractor regularly allows your spine to move properly.

Stand up straight and tighten your ab muscles when you walk.  I am not asking you to be like the Hulk, but, just keep them a little tight while walking. This allows everything to remain straight and in correct position while moving.