Winter is Officially Over!

This has been a long winter and all of us are craving the sun and warm weather this time of year.  Here are some tips to get back on track this spring:

  • Nutrition:  Join a CSA or find a farm stand – local veggies are soooo good.  Not only are they healthy, they actually taste better.  There are all sorts of way you can hide veggies in foods and your kids or spouse will never know.  (Spinach and carrots can be cut very small and added to tacos or spaghetti sauce.)
  • Exercise- If you didn’t start exercising in January as a new Year resolution, spring is a great time to start or renew the habit.  Go for a walk with a stroller or dog, go jogging around the kids baseball field while they are practice, and take the kids to the zoo, etc..
  • Avoid being the weekend warrior- we get many patients in our office who hurt themselves in the spring.

o   It’s finally warm- they go and play a weekend game of softball with the guys and Monday morning they are in the office.

o   Or they decide to haul 50 bags of mulch

o   Or they clean out the garage

o   Etc…

Most injuries we see are not from auto accidents. They are from doing the things that need to be done.  Proper nutrition, exercise, and regular stress management are all ways you can prevent injuries.  But things do happen. Please listen to your body. Broken bones heal in a few weeks; if there is pain, there is an injury.