What you didn’t know about Acupuncture

AcupunctureMy kids frequently do those poems where you use every letter of the word. So they’ve inspired me to give it a try.  Now bear with me acupuncture has a lot of u’s in it, I dare you to think of three good “U” words.


A – Alternative medicine philosophy … Alternative medicine is a common term for anything that is not treated with surgery or pharmaceuticals.   It could also be described as holistic. Next to Chiropractic, Acupuncture is the 2nd most popular alternative care.

 C – Covered … Some insurance plans will cover Acupuncture; we simply call and ask them.   Our acupuncturist is currently credentialed with Blue Cross and United Health Care!

U – Un costly … If we are currently not participating with your plan or your plan does not include benefits for acupuncture, we have made affordable self-pay options to get you the care you need.

P – Pain relief … Acupuncture has long been known for pain relief, as well as other natural healing.

U – Uber cool … I know: cool word, right?

 N – Needles … Yes, we must discuss needles, but they are very tiny .  Acupuncture uses the belief that everyone has energy force within their body referred to as “qi”.  This energy follows through meridians.  These meridians are associated with different organ systems.  You and your acupuncturist will discuss symptoms and goals and then choose which meridians to treat.

C – Calming … I know, you are saying it is NOT calming for someone to stick needles in you! However, you really can’t feel them, I promise. Some patients even fall asleep during treatment.

T – Treatment plan … Much like our other services, our professionals will develop a treatment plan just for you.  Acupuncture can also be added your chiropractic treatment as a complimentary service.

 U – Ultra clean … Each needle is individually packaged with its own guide tube. When needles are inserted, what you actually feel is the plastic guide tube resting on your skin.  Patients generally do not feel the actual insertion of the needle.  Each spot is treated with alcohol, however, on most insertion points there is no blood since the needles are extremely thin.

 R – Results … Acupuncture gets results and has for a very long time; it is not a new procedure.  It has origins dating back 5000 years in Chinese medicine.

 E – Effective … It is a well-known as an effective treatment method.


Don’t forget: we now offer acupuncture! Contact us today for an appointment.