What is Wellness

Wellness. Wellness is a word that people like to throw around a lot. It’s almost become a marketing buzz word. So what is it? I’ll tell you what it’s not: a noun, or even an adjective. It’s not something you achieve or become, it’s not a state of being, but a state of doing; it’s not even a verb, but an adverb. You live it. Wellness is also not just a lack of disease or being sick, it’s the opposite of that. Wellness is also more than just living a lifestyle not to get sick, but a lifestyle to get the most out of life for you, for the ones you love and for those in your and surrounding communities.

Wellness is lived by moving right, eating right and thinking right. Here’s the short list: loose weight; Eat more food that comes out the ground, not a sack; take your vitamins. Drink more water and less soda, coffee and beer. Exercise. Be more forgiving and less vindictive; instead of fighting over who’s right, figure out how to make things better. Have more s-e-x with who you are in a committed relationship. Hug your kids. Sleep at least 7 hours each night. Go outside. And most of all, get your chiropractic (by me) adjustments.