We are everything in between!

But we’re not just backs. We’re not just backs and necks. We’re not just backs, necks; head shoulders knees and toes. We are everything in between. If you have something weird going on, or know somebody with something weird going on, chances are I’m your guy.

While the popular image you see in your head when you think chiropractor is cracking the neck and back. We do more than just adjusting or “cracking” backs. Our main focus is making the joints work right again. And like a home shopping network commercial but wait there is more.

We do more than just make the joints work right again; we make the whole muscular and skeletal system work right again. But wait…. We make the nervous system work right again.

Chiropractic table

When it comes to baby problems, we also do more than pinched nerves. We have also helped: new moms and their babies with nursing problems, post baby stomach and core damage and other pain associated with being a new mom. We’ve helped infertility issues; scaring, pelvic floor and more. Don’t forget treatment for baby too. Many new babies have issues with digestion, colic, and latching for nursing all these can be treated with tiny baby sized adjustments.

Between chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, laser, dry needling, shockwave and nutrition; if you can hurt it, we can fix it.