To Kill a Rabbit

To kill a rabbit
Not too many of you under 50 might know what that means. Back in the days before the ‘Clear Blue Easy,’ you had to wait till Aunt Flow didn’t show, go to the doctor, pee in a cup and then they’d inject the urine into a rabbit. When you’re pregnant, your body creates a hormone called hCG, which allows your ovaries and uterus to prepare for and maintain pregnancy. Well, the hormone also causes a rabbit’s ovaries to change, so the lab would inject a woman’s urine into a rabbit, cut it open and see if the ovaries were swollen, thus killing the rabbit and Steven Tyler’s drunken ramblings: “You’re telling me things but your girlfriend lied You can’t catch me cause the rabbit done died.” Instead of 2 minutes in the privacy of your own WC, you had to wait.
There is nothing in the world more stressful than pregnancy. There’s not hardly a single person on earth not stressed about being pregnant and wanting to be, being and not wanting; not and wanting to be, not and trying not to; a combination of or close/related to someone in the above categories. And as we all know stress is not good for your (and baby’s) health.
When stressed, the body initiates the autonomic nervous system, aka fight or flight. Just how Geordie had to reduce the shields to get more power to the warp drive (I had a roommate in college that turned every night into a NG marathon), your body has to divert energy from certain, not-at-the-time necessary organs to send it to the heart, lungs and muscles to get you away from the omnipresent, cave man scenario saber-toothed tiger. Fast forward a few hundred thousand years and saber-tooth’s are gone, but the stress remains the same. The constant physical, chemical and emotional stress in our modern lives has caused us all to live in a sympathetic state (fight or flight overload), greatly affecting and down-grading our systems, especially reproductive.
For those who are not pregnant and want to be, worrying about it makes it just that much harder.
The body knows if you are in any condition to get and maintain a pregnancy. If you under any degree of physical stress (weight, job/home requirements) chemical stress (what you’re eating or not eating, drinking or not, the air you breath, environmental pollution) and/or emotional stress, your body isn’t going to allow it to take on the massive amounts of stress involved with being pregnant.
A complete wellness overhaul starting ASAP, but preferably around a year before you plan on conceiving, may make hunting wabbits that much easier. Wellness coaching, including chiropractic care has been able to help countless couples with un-diagnosable infertility find success.


I have been having severe pain since 2014. I’ve had a full battery of x-rays/MRI done to diagnose my condition [as] severe arthritis. After I was prescribed an injection that I was told would take care of everything, the pain was back, worse than before. Dr. Lee reviewed my x-rays and MRI and set up a treatment plan... After the 1st visit my pain has decreased. I can already feel a big difference.

Before coming to Dr. Lee, my ankle pain would wake me up during the night because of its severity. Dr. Lee has helped alleviate the pain in my ankle. By performing specific exercises twice per week, the pain is non-existent!

I have been a patient of Dr.Lee's for about 10 months now. As a 22 year old, I have been suffering from back pain since I was about 13 years old. The pain increased a few years ago and despite physical therapy performed at other facilities, and pain medications from the doctor I was unable to control the level of discomfort. I found Dr. Lee and have been extremely happy with my results.

I came to Dr. Lee with several aches and pains. I was nervous about receiving chiropractic treatment but Dr. Lee eased my concerns by thoroughly making sure that I was a safe candidate for adjustments... After regular adjustments and Physical Therapy, my knee pain is gone, my elbow pain is gone, my ankle and wrist are improving AND I’m reducing the migraines I used to get too!

I began seeing Dr. Lee after noticing severe tenderness and pain in my left hip region... I was lucky to find Dr. Lee when I did, not only did he help me discover that the pain in my hip was actually related to a mass growing uncontrollably but he also gave me the comfort I’d been searching for with chiropractic. I’d recommend Dr. Lee to anyone who wants to be pain-free!

I have had lower back problems for about 35 years. As I aged, they were getting worse. I also noticed I was over weight. I came to Susquehanna Spine & Rehab because Dr. Lee could address both issues as part of a unified plan. The diet regimen, chiropractic, and personalized exercises worked!

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had pain in my neck and shoulders... Now that I’m an adult, my pain continues, but Dr. Lee is helping me a lot. I have an appointment twice a week, and I can definitely tell a difference. I use pain management along with the tens unit and physical therapy. All three of these services are working great and I’m definitely feeling better.

I have had back problems for years. I have been to other chiropractors I have even gone to medical doctors no one has been able to make it feel any better. Then I found Dr. Lee I have finally found relief. I am feeling so much better after starting care at Susquehanna Spine & Rehab.

I began seeing Dr. Lee because of a shooting pain I developed in my left heel... After a brief examination, Dr. Lee explained to me that my pain was being caused by Plantar Fasciitis... Shortly after Dr. Lee began treating my heel, I noticed that I was experiencing less and less discomfort. In a few short weeks, I was able to continue my exercise routine and enjoy my daily activities pain-free!

When I came to Susquehanna Spine & Rehab I was very skeptical. After only 2 weeks at Susquehanna Spine and Rehab the severe pain in my neck, shoulder and arm had greatly improved … NO MORE PAIN! I can now sleep through the night without waking up in pain! THANK YOU SUSQUEHANNA SPINE & REHAB!!!

My daughter started falling up the stairs at school and having severe knee pain for no apparent reason... Dr. Lee did a thorough exam and walked us through his entire treatment plan. Every appointment was made at a time convenient to my schedule. Heather has made wonderful progress and is now pain-free. Dr. Lee was always available for questions and kept me well informed of her progress.