Think of the Kids

Where cellulite comes from; please make it stop.
CO2+H2O H2CO3 H+ +HCO-3 2H= +CO3(2)–>->->
(Ok chemistry nerds, the website editing software doesn’t understand balancing equations, so it’s a little off, I know)

Take a look, and long, hard look. This picture is the most important chemical equation of all time. The carbonate buffer system aka acid-base buffering system aka why does my butt look like cottage cheese equation. Don’t think that’s important? When was the last time you went to Ocean City?

This is what keeps your body at the correct pH. Think of your blood as the county pool. The staff loads it up with enough bleach to kill a horse, but has to put enough acid to eat a Ford to keep it level. If not, your skin will melt off when you get in (not a bad alternative to whatever those kids are depositing). It’s so important, this is very first thing you learn in college physiology.

In a nut shell, your body wants to keep just the right amount of hydrogen. If you get too much it tries to get rid of the excess and vice versa. For the most part though-we have too much hydrogen. It comes from the breakdown of sugar, artificial sweeteners and proteins. It can also build up when we have breathing issues such as COPD, heart conditions, asthma etc.; but mostly diet.

What happens is when you drink a diet coke, you get a buildup of H, so the body makes water (H20) to get rid of the H. To make water you need an oxygen. Where does that oxygen come from? According to the chart carbonate yes, but ultimately the body tissue. So now the body is missing an oxygen (hypoxia). What does hypoxia do? Lot’s of bad stuff, like inflammation, but also tissue dimpling-Cellulite; (also leading cause of kidney stones).

So, drink more water? Yes. But if we introduce more carbon, we can force the equation the other way and force hydrogen out through the kidneys while saving the oxygen for our back side. Where do we find carbon? Kale, Brussels Sprouts and other leafy green vegetables. That or buy a bigger swimsuit.