The ugly sweater…

ugly Christmas sweaters

So, this is now a thing that you purposely buy ugly sweaters. A few years ago, Mrs. Spine was at a store looking to buy an ugly sweater for a holiday party and chose one that she thought was perfectly ugly. While in line a lady comes in right behind her holding the same sweater. She excitedly proclaims “Isn’t it beautiful? I am getting it for my daughter in law.” Now as you walk through stores there are ugly sweaters everywhere and I am pretty sure my mother seriously bought me one of those exact ones in 1984 thinking it was cool!

Point of view is a funny thing. Something that one-person thinks is second nature another thinks is out of the question. This is the same with chiropractic. There are some that have been seeing chiropractors for years. Chiropractors have been longtime trusted providers for the entire family. Some have never been and do not know anything about chiropractors. Well it’s time to tell your friends about your chiropractor.

Don’t let them wait for a medical provider to refer them. There was a time when Doctors used to refer you to specialist that they knew, liked and trusted. Now with consolidation and private practice takeover by big hospital systems, referrals (and most all other aspects of your care) have been taken over by the bean counters.

But you still have a choice! You can see whoever you want, like me. I’m my own guy (my wife isn’t reading this is she?). You can choose a provider that will listen, that looks for the cause and finds a long-term solution, with availability and with customer service. Choose chiropractic.