The Pain of Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend was the greatest weekend in Motor Sports. Lewis Hamilton all but cemented his 5th Formula 1 World Driver’s Championship with a spectacularly dominating performance; a Frenchman swept the month of May along with what some consider America’s greatest race and leg of the Motorsport Triple Crown at the Indy 500; and it all followed up with NASCAR’s longest race. Sunday was just shy of 1,300 miles of premiere racing. I’m pretty sure there were more flat tires and fender benders on the Hatem Bridge though during the biggest weekend in vacation driving.

I’d like to say I watched all the action green flag to checkered, or drove somewhere to go fishing. But I, like most of you, spent the long weekend deep cleaning. Found the garage floor and tossed out the last of the baby strollers (considering the youngest is in Middle School), and got the deck washed and stained. And like most you, I needed an adjustment come Monday morning. Thank goodness for Dr. Hickey! When you do home improvement projects, yard work or other summer weekend activities and you feel the aches and pain more than normal that is your body’s way of letting you know it’s time for an adjustment.

Most of the professional drivers went this week to get an adjustment. There were a few that kissed the wall at over 200 mph that are in getting multiple adjustments. If you were like me and spent all weekend sorting large storage containers and sitting on the concrete because all the pool chairs were taken up with person-less towels at the Arena Club.