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2020 Wins the most Stressful Year Award

Are you good? Things have been a bit off the chain lately. I think we can all agree 2020 wins the award for the most stressful year. Stress is the body’s response to a threat, real or perceived. Stress activates the sympathetic nervous system (think fight or flight) to help you respond or defend to the issue at hand. However, chronic stress can have physical and mental complications including high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, reduced immune function, thyroid disorders, alcoholism, diabetes, anorexia nervosa as well as depression. The top five leading…  
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Chiropractic Care

Why chiropractic care? Learn how chiropractic care can help you live a pain free life. At SSR, we provide a personalized treatment plan for each patient to tend to his/her own needs.


Physical Therapy

Susquehanna Spine and Rehab provides physical therapy and active massage therapy services for pain and injuries in Harford County, MD.



Massage is a powerful tool for helping you to become aware of areas of chronic tension or postural problems, and to understand how these affect your body mechanics.