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Two Lessons Learned, Again.

While we were traveling a few weeks ago, my computer bag slipped off my shoulder and I caught it on my arm right below my elbow. No big deal -my arm was a little sore. I chose to ignore the small injury and went on with my life. I didn’t think anything of it. Last week I noticed that my wrist is a little sore. But again a little soreness isn’t much, so I didn’t do anything about it. Now a few days later my wrist is really sore! It hurts to…  
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Vitamin Supplements

If you watch Fox News, you may have seen this report: the NY Attorney general conducted an investigation and “79% of supplements are not what the label claims”. How can this be true?  Well, supplements are not regulated by the FDA. As far as the government’s health watch dog, there’s no rule that says Vitamin C capsules actually have to contain Vitamin C.  Therefore, less scrupulous companies might try to sell you a capsule of dirt.

Water Water Everywhere

Did you know that over 3/4 of your body is water?  We often hear about dehydration discussed in the summer.  Kids passing out on the football field, etc. But people need to drink water all year round.  Have you ever heard of someone getting sick and then going to the hospital because they are dehydrated? Drinking plenty of water is a good habit all year round.   The average person needs roughly 8 cups of water per day.  When I say water, I mean the clear stuff.  Coffee, soda, tea, etc….  
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What should you know about Vitamin D?

You can eat your vitamin D Vitamin D is found in small amounts in a few foods including fish such as herring, mackerel and tuna. Vitamin D is added to dairy products, juices, and cereals. These are labeled as “fortified with vitamin D.” You are my Sunshine… Most vitamin D – 80% to 90% of what the body gets – can be obtained through exposure of the skin to sunlight. The skin then makes vitamin D. For the skin to make vitamin D, direct exposure is needed for 15 min…  
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New Year’s Resolutions

If you are like many people the last few days you have vowed to eat better and exercise more. In theory Dieting is simple math.  Burn more calories then you take in.  But in reality it is not that simple.  If you want to eat healthy foods then buy heathly foods.  If you can not so no to potato chips then don’t have potato chips around.   Figure out your pattern: if you are a “snacker,” snack on health nuts or trail mix.  If you like sweets, buy dark chocolate or…  
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Tis the season

If you have been to a store lately you know the holiday season starts as soon as you shut the light off for trick or treating.   No matter your denomination or beliefs, we can all agree that the holidays are the most stressful time of the year.  These stresses are caused by our normal day to day and then add planning, decorating, choosing the perfect gift, and wanted or unwanted visitors. 

Winter is Officially Over!

This has been a long winter and all of us are craving the sun and warm weather this time of year.  Here are some tips to get back on track this spring:

Big 10 on Nutrition

For those paying attention (not even me most days) you’ll remember that I was just at the NFL combine to pow-wow with Team doctors. One of the invited speakers was Amanda Philips; nutritional consultant to the Miami Dolphins, FSU and Tampa Rays.

European food warning labels

You live off 1/3 of what you eat; your Dr lives off the other 2/3. Daddy needs a new boat, so eat up. Actually I was just reminded that part of my moral obligation as a doctor was to also prevent disease; so read up and just send in a non-tax deductible donation to the Dr Shawn Lee boat fund. It is not a 501-3c. Like most Americans I usually mock everything out of Europe. England though has had some minor contributions, mostly Top Gear. But I think they did…  
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Think of the Kids

Where cellulite comes from; please make it stop. CO2+H2O H2CO3 H+ +HCO-3 2H= +CO3(2)–>->-> (Ok chemistry nerds, the website editing software doesn’t understand balancing equations, so it’s a little off, I know) Take a look, and long, hard look. This picture is the most important chemical equation of all time. The carbonate buffer system aka acid-base buffering system aka why does my butt look like cottage cheese equation. Don’t think that’s important? When was the last time you went to Ocean City? This is what keeps your body at the correct…  
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Chiropractic Care

Why chiropractic care? Learn how chiropractic care can help you live a pain free life. At SSR, we provide a personalized treatment plan for each patient to tend to his/her own needs.


Physical Therapy

Susquehanna Spine and Rehab provides physical therapy and active massage therapy services for pain and injuries in Harford County, MD.



Massage is a powerful tool for helping you to become aware of areas of chronic tension or postural problems, and to understand how these affect your body mechanics.