Susquehanna Spine & Rehab welcomes Dr. Matt LeMaster!!!

Any of you who have been in lately have noticed that Dr. Lee had a small accident and broke his arm. After a small surgery to install a plate in his wrist he should be good as new in a few weeks; as long as he is a good patient and keeps his physical therapy appointments, does his home exercises, and listens to the restrictions from the surgery and therapist. In an effort to provide excellent and continuous care for our patients Dr. LeMaster joined our practice today. We are very excited about him joining our staff as a tandem doctor. Wendy interviewed a number of Doctors and she was able to find a very qualified doctor, while taller but nowhere near as ruggedly handsome, but equally knowledgeable and talented; and even adjusts very similar to Dr. Lee. When you visit our office in the next few weeks each patient will visit with Dr. Lee and then Dr. LeMaster will provide the adjustment. They will work together in tandem to provide the care you have come to know and trust.

A little about Dr. LeMaster: He attended Marshall University and graduated with a degree in Biological Science. He then followed with his Doctorate of Chiropractic from National University of Health Sciences. Dr. LeMaster has worked as a chiropractor for the last 10 years in West Virginia and has recently relocated to the Baltimore area.

A note from Dr. Lee (really Wendy talking about Dr. Lee): Did you know you cannot “talk” yourself out of being hurt? I already knew this but temporarily forgot. I hear my patients tell me all the time, “I didn’t think it was that bad.” “It didn’t really hurt until now.” “I thought if I ignored it; it would just go away.” So when I got hurt I tried the same thing I just ignored it, told myself over and over it’s not broken. Well guess what? Your body does not always listen to what we tell it. You cannot and should not just ignore injuries no matter new or old.

Well I did break my wrist and did have to undergo surgery and a plate installed. The good news is in a few weeks that bone will mend and with physical therapy I will return to normal. The sooner you admit it’s not going away the quicker you can get the therapy you need, the quicker you’ll be back to normal.