Surgery or not surgery that is the question


Back Pain, Bel AirAs a San Antonian, a Spur’s fan since before The Admiral’s rookie season; I have mixed emotions when it comes to Msgr. Kerr. Hate-Love-Hate. However, having had treated hundreds to thousands of patients with failed back surgeries, I kinda feel for him.

In an interview Monday, April 24, 2017 head coach Steve Kerr Golden State Warriors shared his story about his back injury.  He initially had surgery for a ruptured disc.  An injury that can be treated– and we have a lot of patients that have healed from ruptured disc, conservatively with chiropractic and physical therapy. Unfortunately Kerr had complications (way more common than you’d think) and had to have a 2nd surgery. Like they say in racing; “yellows breed yellows;” the same can be said about operations– “surgery breeds surgery.” If you have one, you’re going to have another, even if it goes right. But for Kerr, it didn’t. Like all of our grandfathers told us: measure twice, cut once. Once you’ve had surgery, you can’t un-do it.

“Rehab, rehab, rehab, you know don’t let anybody get in there,” Kerr said. Kerr has advice for those even thinking about having back surgery. “I can tell you if you’re listening out there, if you have a back problem. Stay away from surgery.  I can say that from the bottom of my heart.”

How do you treat disc problems with rehab?  Spinal decompression applies gentle traction to specific vertebra.  It gently separates the vertebrae and creates a vacuum inside the discs.  Think about a jelly donut that you pushed the center the jelly leaks out.  Decompression sucks the jelly back into place.

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