Strengthen Your Core

Your core zippers the two halves of your body together.  The core muscles support your spine, control the body’s balance, and center of gravity. When your core is not strong, it causes joints and muscles that are not in charge of balance to have to take over for the core muscles.

This can lead to poor performance, fatigue, pain, and damage to the joints.  Solution: don’t have kids…  Just kidding, but seriously: being pregnant, c sections, and other surgeries in the belly area can cause weakness in the core.  Core strength is something we work on in the Physical Therapy department in the office. We find that most patients with back pain and injuries also benefit from PT exercises that focus on the core.

girls on the ballThis is a picture of two of my children who have amazing core strength.  Exercises on the balls are great way to strengthen your core (just not this exact exercise).