Stop Wardrobe Malfunction

Do you ever put on a shirt and notice it lays uneven across your body?  Ever have a necktie that will not lay straight? Do you have a pair of jeans and the seam does not go straight down your leg?  How about a necklace that seems uneven?  These are NOT wardrobe malfunctions.

In actuality your body is crooked!  Sometimes you are so out of alignment that you can see it in the mirror and sometimes not.  This is easily fixed with Chiropractic adjustments.  A gentle adjustment will restore the proper alignment in your body.

What happens if you just ignore it?  For a while nothing, but after time it will create weakness in your flexor muscles with tightness in the extensor muscles.   If left alone long enough it causes imbalances that can cause pain and lead to further injuries, arthritis and degeneration.

Why is this happening? There are many reasons your body becomes misaligned. The first is daily activities in your life such as sitting at a computer, texting, reading on tablets, driving, or repetitive motions caused by sports or work.  It can also be caused by an injury from a car accident or sports.  Major life events such as pregnancies, becoming a new mom, or events that cause major stress may also cause a misalignment.

Help stop wardrobe malfunctions and visit your chiropractor today.