February -snow

February, the only month with less than 30 days. Why does it only have 28.25 days a year? Maybe it’s because nobody wants to put up with it for a whole 30 days. It’s cold, dark and full of snow.

But there are plenty of nice things happening too. Like the start of the new NASCAR season, multiple 3 day weekends and great massage specials here at the office. It’s also the time where doctors are all blogging about how to safely shovel snow. But I’ve done that for the last 18 years and no one has ever called because they got hurt shoveling. They usually wait and see if it goes away and then call in June when it’s unbearable and they are leaving for vacation.

(It’d be nice if they gave us the extra time before Valentine’s so we could have a few more hours to put off getting gifts)

Interesting fact, 15% of all snow shoveling injuries occurs from being hit by the shovel. So don’t shovel with your spouse. Seriously to avoid injuries push snow don’t lift it, warm up before you start just like exercise, take breaks.

Stay safe and stay warm this February and call us for specials and if you need an adjustment