Snack yourself Skinny

Snacking yourself skinny
Now that the Olympics have pre-empted most every show on TV, I have found myself channel surfing more than usual. I came across one of the shopping channels with a program titled: “Eat yourself thin.” Since I’m a man, I just kept flipping for another hour or 2, and missed it, but the premise does hold true.

Take a wood-burning stove. If you throw a lot of wood in, it will flame up really big, get really hot and waste most the heat and die. Then you have to repeat the same in-efficient process over and over. Now if you were to add just a little wood at a time, you’d keep a nice, steady fire that keeps the house at an even temperature. Your metabolism is the same.
That is what happens to us when we eat 2 or 3 meals a day. Breakfast, lunch and supper is a scam devised by the robber barons of the industrial revolution. Workers were given one break in the middle of their 12-16 hour shift and that was it. Our earlier forbears were more Forrest Gump-esk. When they were hungry they ate, when they were sleepy they slept and when they had to you know, they you knowed.
According to the laws of physics, energy cannot be created or destroyed. After a long day you’ll throw down 7-800 calories, but your body only needed 500 of them at that time. What happens to the rest? Look behind you. Your body will run much more effectively and burn calories more efficiently when they are introduced fewer at a time. Don’t eat more or extra food; but you’ll run a lot better on 1500-1800 calories consumed as breakfast-snack-lunch-snack-supper than 2000 over 2 or 3 meals.