School is Back

School’s back. So is the McRib, and masks. Hopefully, 2 of those 3 are only temporary. Though my kids and I have a differing opinions on what #1 should be. Yet we all know who #2 works for don’t we Mr. Powers?

You are NOT required to wear a mask here, but feel free if you so choose.  While only about one-tenth of one percent (< 0.12% per official State stats as of the moment I type this) of new positives are among the fully vaccinated; healthcare providers though were asked by the department of health to once again wear them indoors. Due to the Delta, Mu, and Lambda (not to be confused with the Lambda Lambda Lambda out of Adams College) variants. Despite being fully vaccinated. Just in case. The odds of winning the Powerball are 0.000000000000000013% and we still buy a ticket just in case. 

Now that we have the kids sorted, it’s time to get our bodies sorted from summer’s shenanigans. While you’re here, pardon the dust and noise. We are busting through the walls again. Adding more space to spread out and do more.

Health tip: Now that the sun is setting sooner, our natural source of Vit D is waning. 10,000 IU/week, after an initial dosing of 1000 IU/ lb body weight over 3 days; will keep your immune system at tip-topshape, improve mood and fight cancer-causing free-radical oxidants. There’s no reason to be concerned with over-doing Vitamin D either. Yes, while it’s possible, it’s not really likely. Your body isn’t able to absorb over the toxicity level and the leftovers just make their way to the Twin Towers of Dundalk. Not sure which one to get? Ask us.  We also have Vit D gummies for kids!