Right Now

“It’s going to be great when (fill in the blank).”
Not true. This common deception has us ignoring the present (the only place where we have any influence) in favor of trying to live in the future. This creates a way of being that either puts us on the sidelines; killing time waiting for the future to arrive, or causes us to rush headlong past unsmelled roses, bulldozing our way into the future.
Just remember that you’ll be taking you with you into the future.
Your dissatisfaction with the present will most likely produce an unsatisfying future. So, if you’re unhappy, fearful or stressed today, you’re likely to be unhappy, fearful or stressed then. That’s because everything is first conceived spiritually before it manifests physically.
Once you sow spiritual seeds of gratitude and appreciation for your current circumstances, regardless of what they are, your future will brighten. As will your present, especially with what we know about emotional-somatic connections. All disease, disability and disorder is caused by a combination of physical, chemical and emotional stress. As good as I am, and as hard as we work, your physical condition will never fully heal—and stay healed—unless you can control the stresses in your life.