Pro-active vs Prevention

There’s been lot’s of talk about using preventative measures to lower health care costs during all this reform hoop-la. I’m here to tell you “their” idea of prevention won’t save anything, and will cost extra, because it’s not prevention at all but just being proactive. Heart disease: “they” say early testing and monitoring is cheaper than by-pass. It is, but stress tests, MRA’s and angio-grams cost $10K each and then your avg cholesterol medication is about another 7 grand a year. It’s cheaper for the insurance company for you to have a heart attack and die, that’s called hedging your bet. “Their” so called preventative measures aren’t really about prevention, but finding things that may or may not be wrong with expensive tests and medication.

Now, I’m not saying don’t get your tests, early detection is far more valuable then money; do them, do them regularly and on time. Being proactive is priceless, but it’s not prevention.
Want true prevention that actually prevents disease and saves money? Move well, eat well and think well. Exercise $75-100 for a good pair of shoes; putting down that snickers, saves you money; brocolli $2ish/pound; letting go of anger and angst, sometimes free; not having a heart attack, priceless.