Playing Through The Pain

When I was in high school I was a cheerleader (Just in case you couldn’t figure it out; Mrs Spine, not Dr. Lee, I know this is a shocker). My senior year I had pretty serious injury I fell directly on to my back from a stunt. My parents took the usual precautions. I went to my paediatrician then therapy and rest for 4 weeks. I was anxious to get back. When my parents asked how I was feeling I answered “great;” this was not true at all! I did not want to be benched so I lied every day. The actual truth was that I was in so much pain that when I got home from a game, all my muscles would tense up and spasm and I physically could not move for about 2 hours. Ultimately I played through the pain and was not patient enough to heal my injury. And I’m still paying for it today. If it wasn’t for my wellness and preventative care with Dr. Lee and Dr. Lam I don’t know what I’d do.

playing through the pain

Let’s face it; kid’s sports have gotten more and more serious. Kids are playing more hours per week at a younger age. My own kids dance at a serious level. They are in the studio 5 days weeks for more than two hours per day.
Our kids are active now how we keep our kids healthy?

  1. Avoid playing through the pain. When an injury happens; even less serious injuries when ignored can turn into a chronic issue. When an athlete of any type gets an injury, Ice is nice. Ice and rest are the best treatment for small injuries. Let the area heal completely. If after a few days the injury is still present seek treatment.
  2. Prevent injuries.

Technique – proper technique is key in every sport. When children are taught proper technique body mechanics is preserved and they play better and injuries are avoided. Technique is not the most fin part but the basics in every sport should never be skipped.

Diet – anyone who has been at our dance studio have heard me say “you don’t eat you don’t dance” we are very strict on this. All my children must eat a healthy meal before and after practice. This meal contains a good source of protein. You must feed your body. And you are what you eat.

Sleep – My kids have very strict bed times even on the weekends. Your body heals itself when you rest it. Children who stay up late and are constantly tired are at risk for injuries.

Stretching & strengthening – In line with technique, not only should you know how to do whatever it is you’re trying to do, you need to make sure you’re physically able to. General and sport specific conditioning, strengthening are key. “Being in shape” also isn’t a once you’re there you’re there. You have to maintain. Proper stretching allows you to use more of the muscle and lengthens the pulley arm of the muscles and tendons. Making them not only more powerful but more resilient to injury.